Indoor Fitness Activities you must try!

The sun is shining brightly, and there is a pleasant breeze blowing. Then it starts to rain one day, and you can’t undertake the outside activities you had planned. On those days, what do you do with your kids? It’s time to be creative and engage in some indoor workout activities. Visit YOR Health to know more about wellness.When the weather isn’t cooperating, try one of these simple activities to help you stay active:

  • Fitness shuffle: This is a fun indoor game that doesn’t take up a lot of space or equipment and can be played by everyone. A little bean bag or penny is given to each guest to place on the top of their foot. The participants “shuffle” their feet forward a little at a time, keeping their feet together, to move without letting the object slip off their feet. Make a finish line for each player and have them sprint to the end. If you have a lot of kids, arrange a tag team event or race an adult against a youngster.
  • Indoor obstacle course:Make a fun obstacle course out of household furnishings. You can also make a maze out of two tables by connecting them with string or yarn and allowing the youngsters to climb over and beneath them. This will help in loads of physical activity.
  • Follow the leader:Encourage the “leader” to do jumping jacks, run in place, or hop on one foot.Then following the leader – let the actions be repeated by other players so it will be a session of Gym class.
  • Dance Party:Turn on your favorite tunes and get moving to the beat! Just like a Zumba class enjoy your favorite moves at your home along with your family and that little wagging tail too.
  • Freeze Dance:When the music stops playing, freeze in your stance and hold it until the music starts playing again. Encourage everyone to move as quickly as they can while the music is playing — jumping, bouncing, marching, wriggling. This is a nice game that will help in creating excitement among all the players and fear of losing the game.
  • Push the parents: Try to move your feet and see if the youngsters can. They win if you move your feet. Standing on one foot makes it a little easier for small children. It will be an interesting game for everyone.

Finally, we can conclude these games of indoor fitness activities are the best to keep up with your fitness.